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Community Employment in Stark County

Personal independence and the ability to work are probably very important to you. The individuals who work through TWi feel the same way. For some, working independently is the ultimate goal. We thank the many local employers in Stark County – including Fishers Foods, Mary Ann Donuts and Marc’s – that are helping make that goal a reality for our employees.

Many qualified TWi employees have been successfully placed in a variety of positions throughout the community, including clerical, maintenance, food service, janitorial, customer service, light manufacturing, assembly, data entry, day care and more.

At TWi, we carefully evaluate your needs and strive to identify ideal candidates for the position. Our job coaches work with the candidate on the job to make sure that he or she thoroughly learns all the job duties and is prepared from the start. In addition, our follow-up coordinators make regular visits to meet with you, assess performance and continue to coach the employee, if necessary, to ensure continued success.

If you’d like to become a TWi work site, please contact us for more information.